Connectivism Mindmap (Module 4)

Connectivism Mindmap Mod 4 EDUC 8845

With the advancements being made in technological tools, the way I access information is constantly changing.  The internet was once used to simply send emails and correspondence, but now allows for instant access to nearly anything and everything.  I use the internet every day to either read up on recent research in the field of education, find new recipes, learn how to DIY projects, or keep in touch with old friends.  I have found that tech tools such as blogs, discussion forums, or video conferencing have been the best learning devices for me because I can interact with others and get different perspectives on various topics.  If I find that I am in need of new information, I generally start with a search engine such as Google or Bing, then browse through the link suggestions until I find a few that seem the most reputable and legitimate.  Connecting to others in some form or fashion is key to learning new things.


Below is a list of some of the educational blogs and websites I like best.





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One thought on “Connectivism Mindmap (Module 4)”

  1. Andrea,
    Your mindmap is very detailed and well put together. After looking at it, I realized I forgot to include Linkedin, Netflix, and text messaging. These are applications that I use on a daily bases.
    It amazes me how the use of the internet has changed in just the past few years. The internet was once used for correspondence and now there are a number of new advances that allow for individuals to access by just clicking a button. The internet for me is my main source of researching. I use the internet on a daily basis for random information or personal use. Since beginning my program at Walden University, the internet has provided me a plethora of information from researching or catching up on the latest technological advances.
    The use of social media is another area that I use on a daily basis. For me, social media is a way for me to keep in touch with family and friends. From Facebook to Skype, are the two main social media applications I use. Recently I have been using both of these medias since my good friends moved out of state. We keep in touch by way of Facebook and Skype at least once week. Technology has advanced so much that sometimes it is hard to keep up with the newest device, app or software. I try to keep up with the newest advancement, but at times I get lost thumbing through everything that is new; however, I am looking forward to seeing what other new social media sites will be available in the near future.

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