Moving Toward Dynamic Technologies (module 5)

Static vs Dynamic Technologies - New Page

Concept Map was created at  View the interactive map here.

Based on Moller’s “static-dynamic continuum”, I would place myself as being mostly in the middle or slightly towards the static side.  While I thoroughly enjoy using many of the dynamic technologies available for personal use, I have a hard time trying to figure out where to fit them into my classroom.  Especially now that I teach only online, I know I need to make a move towards using more dynamic technologies so I can keep my students engaged.  One way i plan to do this is to continue learning about the various technologies, but also to become a user of them.  Many of the course readings we have had this quarter have suggested that technologies only are not going to motivate and encourage learners, or provide a deeper level of understanding of the material.  To achieve these, the technologies have to actually be used!  Specific to the courses I teach, I would like to begin incorporating more technologies such as, Geometer’s Sketchpad, MindMeister, Edmodo, and some wikis.


Moller, L. (2008). Static and dynamic technological tools. [Unpublished Paper].


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